How does a Water Softener/Water Conditioner Works?

Water conditioner, as we all know, it is a unit that is utilized to treat hard water and expel the minerals that introduce hardness in water. However, most of us have water softener at our homes, but are ignorant of the technique behind the softening of hard water and this is the thing that this specific article will be about. To get information or reviews of tour water softener, visit water softeners reviews on the homepage of this site. In this article, we will cover the essential ion exchange technique that is mainly used in treating hard water via water softener.

But before we move on, let us know what water softening really is?

What is water softening?

Water contains a noteworthy measure of calcium and magnesium minerals in it, such water is called hard water. Hard water causes issues like blocking up channels and pipes, creating less-to-no foam with cleansers and detergents etc. What’s more, the method used to expel calcium and magnesium particles from the water is called water softening. The hardness bestowing minerals are expelled from the water and the water therefore got is delicate water.


How does a water conditioner work?

Water conditioner, for the most part, uses some particular softening salts that can easily trade the positive ions with the already existing calcium and magnesium particles in the water with different particles, generally sodium or potassium particles. This particle trade happens inside the pitch tank of the water conditioner.

Then there is a sap tank that contains gum globules which are secured with salt particles, generally, sodium and potassium salts are utilized for this reason. Presently when hard water courses through the tank and interacts with the sap dabs, the hardness particles calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+) adheres to the pitch dots. This discharges the sodium (Na+) or potassium (K+) particles into the water with a specific end goal to keep up the equalization of positive charge on the pitch.

In this manner hardness particles are supplanted by different particles and hard water is dealt with. Some of the time the same softening of water method is utilized to expel iron from the water, and the procedure continues same as above.

Presently this entire procedure goes ahead until the tar dots are depleted of all the sodium or potassium particles and are left just with the hardness particles. When this happens, the gum globules are energized by adding sacks of softening salts to the saline solution tank. Again a comparable however turn around procedure happens, wherein, hardness particles now trade places with softening salt particles in saline solution tank and all the abundance minerals are flushed away as wastewater. Fleck is said to be the best hard water softener in the market. Check our experts’ reviews , find out what they have to say about Fleck water softeners.

There are three sorts of softening salts, for the most part, utilized, Rock salt, sun based salt, and dissipated salt. Be that as it may, these salts are talked about in the diverse articles, particular about softening salts and their utilization. So, now you know the working of water softeners installed in your houses, we hope this article was informative.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review (6 Min Video)

This is a jump into the future for the Call of Duty franchise. The new Cybernetics team have put a lot of effort into making this the best COD version since COD 4.

Stories of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and given support by using real world news to develop the line that will be followed.

Things like WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and dysfunctional congress and growing private militarizes and american interventionism and realism to the story line. There’s a hint of truth behind the story and it makes it a bit scary, but that adds to the excitement.\

Actors Troy Baker and Kevin Spacey nail their roles as Jack Mitchell and Jonathan Irons.

Mitchell has had a personal loss and is gruff and reserved. Irons is one of those engaging bad guys you can’t help but like. On top of that the character renderings are some of the best ever produced.

The biggest hindrance to the story of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is that it fails to establish the relationships of the characters.

Much of the game play is your typical, follow the person in front of you experience. However a few powerful missions allow you a lot of freedom and you get to engage with the numerous human and drone enemies.

In stealth mode I was able to sneak through bushes and find my own path.

For once Call of Duty allows you to do amazing things on your own and it’s an amazing experience. If you are interested in more gameplay action, you can check out the game play videos I uploaded on the MovieTube App and the exclusive ShowBox streaming application.

We still don’t have full access to the Exo Suit in every level which feels limiting and disappointing.

Once I got to use the Exo Suit in modes like Capture the Flag I felt I had to be on top of my game. This made it feel even more satisfying when I was able to get a good kill.

You’ll find the unlocks happen even more rapidly than ever before, but even if all the upgrades, it’s never overwhelming.

The virtual shooting is super powerful to help you test and practice weapons. This should be a standard in any game mode first person shooter game.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare keeps all the things you love and steps it up with deeper motion integration, better phsyics and an overall exciting game play.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare tips for beginners


codimage copyWhether you’re new to Call of Duty or a veteran you’ll love Advanced Warfare. It’s the best multiplayer action war game the COD has developed in quite a while. An amazing new feature is the new Exo suits which change game play as your soldier can now jump, slide and boost his way around the game play map.

This means even new players can get involved since veteran COD players will need to learn some new skills to master their game. That said OldSoldiersMagazine has a few tips to help rookies and vet players alike get the most from the game.

Using Sprinting Wisely… or die often!

Sprinting is excellent for open areas, but you will have a slight delay before you can fire when in sprint mode so use it wisely. To cover a lot of ground, it’s a great tool, but once you’re in a combat area or in tighter quarters you’ll want to avoid using sprinting so you have the fastest fire rate possible.

To do this quickly tap L2/LT to temporarily aim down sights. This will cancel sprinting. After you’ve advanced in the game you can unlock Gung-Ho perk which allows you to spring while shooting and reloading at the same time. If you’re a run-and-gunner type, you’ll love this perk!

Use strategy, don’t just chase single people

It’s so tempting if you make a couple shots and don’t get the kill or see a player running into a tight area to try and chase after them. This is a fatal strategy as you’re more likely to be picked off by another player who may be in the area waiting to ambush or someone waiting in the room just entered.

Instead find another place to focus and quickly as you’ll likely be a target if you didn’t get the kill. I don’t really need to say this, but it’s a good idea to shoot and kill. 😉

Cook your grenades for maximum kills

If you’re not using this already you should be. Just tossing a grenade isn’t going to get a high kill rate as people can run away and now everyone knows where you are and you’re dead meat. Instead hold down RB/R1 to cook the grenade before throwing so it will explode nearly immediate on impact.

You can also detonate a grenade immediately by double tapping reload which is X/Square. Always stay clear of enemies if you do this as you’ll by vulnerable just as if you were reloading. Use this feature wisely and you’re frag rate will skyrocket!

Scopes slow aiming, use wisely

Adding sights or scopes to guns slows how quickly your soldier shoulders the gun. If you tend to run around with a machine gun, it is likely worth adding these attachments to improve your accuracy and overall weapon ability. However if you’re a close quarters player know that you’ll have a slight delay.

It’s wise to have a weapon for each use such as a long range weapon for larger maps and a weapon with a quick draw for tighter confined areas.

Perks should match your weapon class

When choosing perks, make sure they are working in favor of the weapon class. For example if you’re after silencing weapons, look for the Cold Blooded, Blind Eye and Exo Clock as they add stealth.

You’ll likely need to practice for a few matches getting your class and perks matched up until your comfortable.

When face-to-face, shoot less, meelee more

It’s instinctual to want to shoot during gameplay, but when you happen to come face to face with another solider you’re better of learing to melee especially if your weapon will take a few shots to get the kill. This skill is invaluable and should be practiced as you’re kill rate will grow nicely since so few people practice using this technique. Instead they try to back up and shoot, leaving the door open for you to take the kill.

Understand game modes and play accordingly

Learn each game play mode and play to the goals of that mode. If you try to play all of them at once you’ll fail to adapt and find yourself not playing well because you can’t pick up on the little tricks to success. It’s these little things that make for a successful mission.

Kill Confirmed for example doesn’t reward you for chasing down tags of your own kills. This leaves you vulnerable to enemies while you’re trying to complete an objective that really isn’t that important. Instead have your team mate grab the tags and this will leave you able to focus on kills and grab only tags closest to you.

Careful who you trust at first

Working as a team is important in objective modes like hardpoint and domination, but without good communication you may find yourself vulnerable or even with a shoot in the back. Using a headset can help this problem and will let you know if they’ve been killed. Remember team work is important, but never become to dependent on others.

When possible play these types of missions with friends and remember not to group together too much so you’re not vulnerable to grenade or ambush attacks.

Resist the urge to reload constantly and after every kill

It’s really tempting after a kill to reload or after a few shots, but during reloading you’re super vulnerable. So only reload when needed. Even if you take a few shots and don’t get the kill you’ll likely still have a few rounds to fire which could make all the difference. Get away from this habit and you’ll last a lot longer!